quarta-feira, 29 de agosto de 2007


COPPER COAST GEOPARK, na costa da Irlanda,segundo as informações do site http://www.coppercoastgeopark.com/: "The Copper Coast Geopark is located on the South East coast of Ireland, in County Waterford. It extends between Tramore in the east, to Dungarvan in the west; more specifically between Fenor/Kilfarrasy in the east to Stradbally in the west and up to Dunhill in the north.
The Copper Coast gets its name from the 19th Century copper mines that lie at its heart.It comprises some 25 kilometres of spectacular coastline consisting of scalloped beaches and coves buttressed and enclosed by rocky headlands.
Oceans, volcanoes, deserts and ice sheets all combined to create the rocks, which provide the physical foundation of the natural and cultural landscapes of the Copper Coast".
Imagem fotográfica reproduzida aqui unicamente para divulgação.

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