quinta-feira, 13 de setembro de 2007

Welcome to North West Highland Geopark

Scotland’s first European Geopark

At 3,000 million years old, the rocks at the seashore are even older than the hills - and what hills they are! Where else can you experience a skyline that compares to the ridges of Foinaven and Arkle, or classic hills like Suilven or Stac Pollaidh? In places like this it’s not just the eagles or the peregrines that soar. This is the most sparsely populated corner of Europe. Set yourself free in a place with space to spare.

Landscapes so ancient our minds cannot begin to grasp the enormity of time wrapped up in these rocks. Quiet glens, windswept summits, aquamarine waves on gilded sands. Walk away your worries. Stay far from that madding crowd.

Luxuriate in the long light of a spring evening, when night never quite falls. Feel the sting of sea-spray from wild winter waves and then take shelter by a fire with a good book and a good dram. Space for you in any season.

Informações retiradas do site oficial para divulgação. Inclusive imagem. http://www.northwest-highlands-geopark.org.uk/

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